Thinking about a change? 你并不孤单!

Research indicates that nearly 40% of students transfer at least once in their undergraduate career. As the transfer destination of the state, 体育菠菜大平台 recognizes this trend 和 has dedicated 专业人员 who are available to assist you every step of the way.

Here's the transfer process step by step, making it easier to know what you can expect 和 how to navigate the transfer experience. We're here to answer all of your questions, whether you're 探索 what 体育菠菜大平台 offers 和 how your existing credits can transfer, 查询 about admission 和 financial aid, or 提交 to being a Loper 和 registering for classes. 


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转移ring from a Community College?

转移ring from a Community College?

引导路径 are curated lists of course-by-course equivalencies between a community college 和 体育菠菜大平台. By utilizing a Guided Pathway, students can maximize their enrollment at a community college 和 reduce their time to obtaining a bachelor’s degree at 体育菠菜大平台. 体育菠菜大平台 引导路径

"My transfer experience was phenomenal because I had many resources to reach out to for guidance. I built a strong support system of advisers, mentors 和 friends in 体育菠菜大平台 Student Diversity & 包容TRIO-SSS who have helped me excel academically"


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